Ep. 51 Bartender Roundtable II (Sarah Proietti, Dre Walters, Chau Tran, Harrison Kenney)
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Second time around for the Bartender Roundtable with Sarah Proietti (Maybe Sammy), Dre Walters (Old Mates Place), Chau Tran (Burrow Bar), Harrison Kenney (Bar Planet).   Do you get free shots at Bar planet if it's your birthday? Are the wet pussy shots finally making a come back? Are Australian cows kosher? Did the Dalai Lhama smuggle tigers over the border?  Why do chicks dig American Will? Does Kenney fit through the metal detectors at the Airport? And the elevator for Old Mates finally cops a beating. So many important questions tackled. Plus a special guest call in, from another industry legend.  Roots podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and veg supplier led by Luke Kohler, who has provided Sydney with some of the best and local produce since he was 16 years old and still smashing it today. Roots Theme by Charlie Fester Follow @roots_hospitality on Instagram for the latest and most up to date news on guests and podcast episodes, or check out the rootshospitality.com.au website for some behind the scenes photographs and trailers of each episode. 
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