57. Kenneth Foong (NOMA Restaurant)
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Kenneth and I sat down to chat about Noma finally receiving it’s third hat after 17 years, being able to recognise the chefs who have worked at The French Laundry or Per Se because of their idiosyncrasies during service (like not making a sound during prep, or not putting metal on metal benches to avoid scratches), Matty Matheson popping by for a feed (who is genuinely a legend), the humor in overcomplicating a steak frites when you’re a passionate apprentice, we laugh about the realness of the hit show ‘The Bear’ and it’s eerily accurate portrayal of daily life in the kitchen for chefs, why a mushroom duxelle got Kenneth in the shit one time and the future of Noma restaurant. Plus a restaurant and farm tour in the second half of the episode! The Roots Hospitality podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and vegetable providore led by Luke Kohler, who has been supplying to Sydney restaurants and venues for more then 20 years and still smashing it out today. Follow @roots_hospitality on Instagram for the most up to date info on the latest guest, news and soundbites. Roots Hospitality theme by me, with music sampled from Ill Kitchen titled The Return.
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