Ep. 33 Bartender Roundtable (Charlie Lehmann, Rachelle Hair, Michael Chiem, Natalie Ng)
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The Bartenders Roundtable is finally here. Having filmed this episode way back in mid February this year, I'm absolutely stoked to have it be released for public consumption.  Fair warning though. As much as I have adjusted the audio in the post edit, there will be spouts of loud laughter regularly from the get go. So if you are using headphones or ear phones and it's on loud, be prepared!   Look, this conversation followed a natural flow the whole time going from the funniest times we were in the shit, to nepotism in the hospitality industry, no gods or masters, changing the bartending culture, why local bartenders look up to each other as apposed to the 'OG's' that wrote the book or were famous, Michael Chiem shares his side of the Big Sam Young crossover (which is hilarious) and I throw in some of those fan questions of course! Thanks for submitting them by the way! They drew some really awesome stories.  Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to follow @roots_hospitality over on Instagram for the latest guest news and soundbites.  The Roots Podcast is proudly sponsored by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and veg providore led by Luke Kohler, who has been supplying to Sydney restaurants and cafe's for more than 20 years and still smashing it out today.  Music by Charlie Fester. 
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