Ep. 36 Elijah Holland (Lume)
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While Elijah was working at the Powder Keg one day processing the 80kg (thereabouts) of Lemon Aspen that he had foraged that morning for his restaurant, Rene Redzepi and his team walked in. Elijah was taken aback, and not sure why Rene was in his kitchen. Rene walked up and tasted the Lemon Aspen and was shocked by the incredible flavour. Elijah began to tell him they were going to use it to make a sorbet for the Powder Keg. Rene looked at him and smiled and said. No, no. We need this for the Noma pop up in Sydney. We'll take it.   Elijah was a bit taken aback. Still ecstatic that he was talking to one of his idols, but also just accepting the fact that all his hard work foraging that morning was no longer for the restaurant he was a head chef at. But this is the reality of working with Rene.    Elijah goes on to talk about his incredible experience working alongside Rene during the Noma pop up in Sydney. Whether it be through the gathering of the native ingrediants, the development of the menu, or working in the kitchen during service. But if anyone was going to really sky rocket from being involved in such a eye opening project, it was going to be Elijah.  Since 2015, Elijah has blasted on the culinary scene now having run Botanic in China and now Lume in Melbourne. Elijah draws on some incredible experiences at restaurants including Quay and Aria, and we talk about how the media has shaped or followed his career since Noma. It's a great chat that's full of energy. I’d like to note that the Roots Podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and veg providore, led by Luke Kohler that has supplied to Sydney Restaurants and Cafes for the past twenty years and still smashing it out today. Music by Charlie Fester    Go and follow @roots_hospitality over on Instagram for the latest guest news and soundbite. 
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