Roughhouse goes and sees VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE! Is it good? Is it bad? Do we care? Who knows!
Published 11/07/21
Published 11/07/21
It's the first ever real life Roughhouse podcast. Holy shit. I can't believe it. We finally made it. Oh my god.
Published 11/02/21
In this episode we talk about Hamilton, and then we talk about Mozart and how he likes to talk about poopy. It's super weird.
Published 09/18/21
Things went wrong in the making of this one. It's fine though, we got into an argument about Uno rules so that makes up for it.
Published 09/12/21
hey look it's that michael guy who's not been in an episode for months wow also texas is in the thumbnail i'm not explaining this one listen to it
Published 09/03/21
We talk about weird things that happened in our school experiences and a bunch of trash movies we had the displeasure to watch.
Published 08/27/21
"we talked about e-sports.. trying to think of what else we talked about.. e-sports was a big topic for a minute... what else... oh getting hacked or something like that." -Luna
Published 08/20/21
Published 08/19/21
We talk about Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy, Family Guy.
Published 04/03/21
In this episode, Dinkster films from a cardboard box. It's really unfortunate. He lost everything to Dogecoin. This is so messed up. Oh my God, dude. How did this happen? They said it was a sure thing.
Published 03/20/21
In this episode we talk about Pokémon and ONLY Pokemon. We definitely don't talk about Fortnite, and a bunch of other things.
Published 03/04/21
In this episode Poke loses a finger. How many you ask? Should he lose another?
Published 02/23/21
The guys talk about mucking up the podcast four times in a row, self-esteem, dentists, and how the Bogdanoff twins stole Leela.... featuring a GIRL!
Published 02/11/21
The guys do buzzfeed quizzes to find out who has the biggest dumpy, and dink shaved his head. Also Jasmine is here.
Published 02/01/21
we're pregnant bro or that's what we decided for the intro and then we just stuck with that title. podcast woo.
Published 01/22/21
In this presidential podcast, Barack Obama is joined by Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton... or that was the intro bit. Whatever. Bring on 2021.
Published 01/01/21
In this episode, we talk about our worst Chistmas gifts we've ever received, Raising The Bar, and Super Smash Bros.
Published 12/14/20
In this episode, we talk Thanksgiving, bad Marvel Characters and "uhhh just a bunch of random ass shit". Thanks for the description, Poke.
Published 12/06/20
In this episode of the Roughhouse Podcast, we talk about dreams... aren't they wonderful?
Published 11/18/20
In this podcast, we rush to post it because we jokingly predicted that at end we would have a winner of the election and then Joe Biden shocked the hell out of us with a 30 point jump. Don't worry, we only talk about nerd shit and not the election.
Published 11/04/20
In this episode, our audio is slightly messed up so forgive us next episode it will be fixed, also Q&A.
Published 10/31/20
In our second podcast, we think Beefstew falls asleep. Does he? Find out as we talk about airport layovers, YouTube, and more.
Published 10/21/20
In our inaugural podcast we talk about the state of the world, camping, Kim Jong Un, The Travis Scott McDonald's Meal, and the future of Roughhouse.
Published 10/11/20