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All of the answers and guidance needed to live a blissful life already exists within us. Maintaining a regular meditation practice has been instrumental in helping me tune into divine messaging and the information that comes through is been even more powerful as of late. In this episode I explain how to tap into this inner informational stream, what it feels like, and how the "voice" sounds, so that you may be able to silence the distractions of the ego and hear infinity! If you would like more tips and tricks for developing your own practice, sign up for my FREE Meditation Guide here. I would love to hear about your own experiences with meditation which you can share in the Roxy Talks Forum here. Roxy Talks Manifestation Podcast Copyright 2021 *All information in this podcast is intended for General information purposes only. By listening to this you agree that all your decisions based on and application of the information contained in this podcast is by your own personal choice. By listening to this podcast you agree that You do not hold Roxy Talks LLC or Roxy directly or indirectly liable for any claim or third party claim, death, injury, or personal/physical damage as a result of the use, interpretation, or application of the information contained in this podcast. FREE RESOURCES: ❤︎Manifest your ideal relationship NOW! Join the *FREE* 😍 MANIFEST A SPECIFIC PERSON MASTERCLASS here: ❤︎📆 One Year Manifestation Planner: ❤︎Confidence Boosting Affirmations Builder: Love yourself better 💗 ❤︎30 Days of Alignment Challenge at Change your life in ONE month!🌈 ❤︎FREE MEDITATION GUIDE🙏🏼: Simple guide to meditation you can do in 10-15 minutes each day  ❤︎JOIN MY COMMUNITY: Black Moon Society ~ Banish negativity and beat self-limiting beliefs so you can bring love, clarity and joy back into your life!  CLICK HERE for Courses, Workshops, and One-On-One coaching: JOIN THE MANIFEST A SPECIFIC PERSON WORKSHOP: to address your specific limiting beliefs, release your doubts and create new habits that will lead you to success and personal fulfillment! EMBODY YOUR MOST CONFIDENT SELF🔥 Manifest confidence with my CONFIDENT AF Workshop: Subscribe and never miss a video! Follow on instagram: Check out my music:
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