The revisit continues! Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 11/23/21
Spoilers and Trigger Warnings, How Have I Been?, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 11/12/21
Review. Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 11/11/21
The revisit continues! Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 11/10/21
Happy Halloween, In a Wizardly Huff, Tourette's Pickle, The Batman, Succession, Edgar Allan Poe TV Show, New Iron Maiden and ACDC Albums and Tours, Cascade Error Headphone Fun, Show Notes and Blog Posts, Doctor Who Revisit Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 11/01/21
The State of Captain Wizard, Ground Wizard, World Mental Health Day, Let's Talk Genocide, Koh-i-Noor: Keep Calm and Give it Back, Be Kind, Captain Kirk in Space!, Needle in a Timestack, Robert Silverberg, Bob Shaw, Halloween Playlist, Dystopia, The Batman, Scream, The Midnight Club, The Expanse, Young Frankenstein, The Night House, The Manor, Halloween Kills, Dymond Software: Roger Dymond and His Lost Games, NetHack, Doom RL, Galaxian, Hexen, Sheep, The Great Dalmuti, Helen Money, Froglord,...
Published 10/25/21
Third Time Lucky, Laid Back, Relatives, James Whale's Frankenstein, Kraft Cheese, Dentist, My First Uber!, Job, Pinch, Punch, First Day of the Month, Morris Dancing, The Wicker Man, COVID-19 Booster, Pancakes, Fuel, and Other Weird UK Shortages, Mean-Spirited Visa Allocation for Foreign Workers, Wait, Fuel Crisis? What About Electric Cars?, No Cars? What About Electic Bikes?, Theatrical Releases, Candyman, Inferno, In Search of Steve Ditko, Babylon 5 Reboot, Bloodywood's Raj Against the...
Published 10/10/21
Birthday, Halloween, Pitr Paksa, UK Energy Crisis: Gas and Petrol, Candyman, Malignant, The Handmaid's Tale, Foundation, The Lost Symbol, SmallRig Smartphone Video Rig 2791, Camera Spirit Level, Video Light Recommendations?, Record Player Spirit Level, Shure SM58 vs. Behringer XM8500 (Again), Booze Trouble
Published 09/27/21
The Scheduling Is Still up the Spout, But..., Slender Man, Malignant, RIP Clive Sinclair, Podcasting Noise Pollution
Published 09/24/21
The revisit continues! Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 09/23/21
Pony, The Time Flow is Getting Mixed Up, The Absent-Mindedness of Age, Constipated, Happy Space: 1999 Breakaway Day, Happy Star Trek Day, Back On Schedule, We Summon the Darkness, The Walking Dead, Alan Moore's Novel Writing Career, Alan Moore's The Show, Shang Chi and the Twin Rings Review in October, The Matrix Resurrections Trailer, Star Trek Picard Season 2 Trailer, Lionsgate, Royal Blood Returns, ABBA Returns!, RIP Maria Mendiola of Baccara, ProtonMail Buggered, ISS Buggered, Another...
Published 09/15/21
Poop Deck, Moonfall, Vigil, Warrior, No Close Encounter with Alan Moore, Why I Love Werewolves, Cinema is Not Dead, Mary Wollstonecraft's Statue, Afghan Folk Singer Murdered, Spock is Wrong?, Hackers Liberate Iranian Prison Abuse Data, Shure SM58, Rode Procaster, dbx 286s, Static Electricity Hurts USB Hubs, How to See Apple Podcast Reviews in Other Countries, The Job Update, The Bloody Captain, Top Hat, Pointy Shoes, I Smell Fantastic, Decompression Chamber
Published 09/06/21
Afghanistan, Soft Fluffy Blankets, Werewolves Within, Bloodthirsty, The Amityville Moon, Destroyer, Brand New Cherry Flavor, AI and VR Snake Oil, Twitter Log In Problems, No More Show Notes
Published 08/30/21
What Happened?, Afghanistan, Minor Rebrand, Luther Arkwright, The Suicide Squad, Sweet Tooth, What If...?, The Bad Batch, Stranger Things Season 4
Published 08/23/21
Review. Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2021-08-09-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.html
Published 08/09/21
The revisit continues! Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 08/06/21
Computer Problems, Moustache, Wasps, Halva, Jungle Cruise, The White Lotus, Windows, Ladder, Turmoil, Shout Outs Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2021-08-03-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.html
Published 08/04/21
Heatwave, Freedom Day, Wasp, Car, The Tomorrow War, The Unholy, Black Widow, Infinite, A Quiet Place Part II, Loki, Firefox, Windows 11, Windows 365, Audacity, Job, Social Non-Interactive Media Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2021-07-22-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.html
Published 07/24/21
Freedom Day, Culture? What Culture?, Dentistry Tools, The Horus Box, Grammarly, Missing Opportunities, Such a Long To Do List, Geek Dreams Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2021-07-12-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.html
Published 07/17/21
The revisit continues! Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2021-07-09-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.html
Published 07/10/21
Again?!, Nick, Vrillon, Alarm System Boxes, Not Everyone's Phone is Fast, Dentistry Tools, Women's Pockets, No Mask Johnson, Glasses, Voyage: Incredible Places Revealed, Reasons to be Cheerful Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2021-07-06-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.html
Published 07/07/21
The revisit continues! Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2021-07-04-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.html
Published 07/04/21
Happy 9th Anniversary of CRRRaSh!, Glasses, Alarm, Philly D.A., Loki, Gear Talk, Shure SM7B vs. Shure SM58 vs. Behringer XM8500, Recommendations for Podcasters, RIP John McAfee, Mauritian Food, I'm Still Saying My Name Wrong Show notes at RoyMathur.com/blog.html
Published 07/04/21