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Published 09/23/20
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Negativity, Cream Tea, The Lost Boys, Tenet, Chadwick Boseman, Apple v Epic, Roku YouTube App Problems Continue, Podcasting Gear, Old School Transistor Radio, We Nearly had a Commodore 64 SID Guitar Pedal, Ko-fi, VLC, Getting Back into Graphic Design, Discord Chat Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-08-31-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
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Published 08/14/20
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Published 08/12/20
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The Last Virus Diary, More Shows for the Wrong Reasons, The Old Guard, Avenue 5, Brave New World, Storyville: Inside the Lehman Brothers, Tiananmen: The People V the Party, United Skates, and The Trial of Ratko Mladic, Once Upon a Time in Iraq, Panorama: Britain's Cancer Crisis Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-07-24-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
Published 07/24/20
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Published 07/23/20
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Published 07/15/20
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Virus Diary, Job Hunting, Myst Online Uru Live, Celestia, Nethack, Flare: Empyrean Campaign, Diablo, Black Annex, WWDC, Contacting the ISS, QB64 Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-06-19-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
Published 06/19/20
The revisit continues! Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-06-18-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
Published 06/19/20
Out of Order, Virus Diary, Blackout Tuesday, Days of the Bagnold Summer, Black Metal, The Death-Ray, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Popcornflix, Video Reconstruction of George Floyd's Murder, Harassment of Journalists Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-06-09-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
Published 06/10/20
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Published 06/02/20
The revisit continues! Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-06-01-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
Published 06/01/20
The revisit continues! Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-05-31-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
Published 05/31/20
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Published 05/12/20
Dry, Virus Diary, The Lovely Bones, Persepolis, The Code, The Secret Daughter, The Fog, Devs, Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, Proper HTML? Pah! Snappy Driver Installer Origin, Back to Windows 7, Notepad2-mod, Musical Clangers, New Virus Podcasts Show Notes: https://roymathur.com/podcast/2020-04-22-captain-roys-rocket-radio-show.txt
Published 04/22/20