Mooney Goes Wild
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Derek is joined by Éanna Ní Lamhna, Richard Collins, Niall Hatch and Terry Flanagan. Topics for discussion include: What Makes a Bird, National Tree Day, To Return to my Trees, the best school science project ever and Hidden forces in the deep.
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Dr. Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin, speaks to our panel from the Dublin isle of Lambay about the atlas’ stark revelations, the botanical conservation priorities now required and the particular vulnerability of island flora.
Published 03/20/23
Dr. Matthew Jebb has strong family connections to Lambay. He tells us more about the plants and animals that call this island, the fifth-largest in the Irish Sea, home.
Published 03/20/23
Our roving Reporter, Biologist Terry Flanagan travelled for a special tour of Commercial Tulip Grower, Noel Ruigrok glasshouses.
Published 03/20/23