The bald truth about saving one of Europe’s most endangered birds
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Niall Hatch reports for us from Burghausen, on the success and impacts to date of this impressive reintroduction project. There, he speaks to Corinna Esterer, about efforts to bring the Northern Bald Ibis back to its former habitats.
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Derek is joined by Panel: Éanna Ní Lamhna, Richard Collins, Niall Hatch & Terry Flanagan. topics for discussion include: Proof that one Swallow does not a summer make, Spring cleaning your nestboxes, Brawling Blackbird, eggs in a flowerpot, Harper’s Island and Has spring already sprung?
Published 02/06/23
Published 02/06/23
Birds are starting to sing, bees are beginning to buzz and we are noticing the fabled "grand stretch in the evenings". Does this mean that spring is already here, or are we still in the grips of winter?
Published 02/06/23