Episode 114- Hugh Van Cuylenburg- Resiliency and Running
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Today, I had the privilege to chat to author and founder of 'The Resilience Project', co-host of 'The Imperfects' podcast with Ryan Sheldon and running training partner of Aussie 800m record holder; Catriona Bissett... Hugh Van Cuylenburg. It's a timely chat, with the ever present, global, COVID-19 pandemic, challenging everyone's 'resiliency'. Resilience is defined as one's; 'toughness' or 'the ability to recover quickly from hardship'. Hugh has developed and facilitated 'resiliency' programs for more than 1000 schools Australia wide. He has spoke about 'resiliency' to numerous AFL, NRL, Australian sporting teams and many corporate organisations. Hugh articulates how; running, gratitude, empathy, mindfulness and happiness intersect, so well. As you will see he is such an awesome story teller!  Anway, it's a really enjoyable chat from a fellow passionate runner! Oh...and for those that are interested in what 'matumbo' (name of a Nike running spike) translates to in Swahili, then tune in.  If you really enjoyed Hugh's message, then be sure to reach out to him on his website: The Resilience Project or listen to his podcast: the imperfects Podcast - The Resilience Project Thanks again Hugh, your enthusiasm is infectious, I left this podcast buzzing!
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