An exploration of motherhood and the Olympics.
Published 07/12/21
An exploration of the openly gay and transgender athletes who represent Team USA.
Published 06/21/21
An exploration of the present and future of sustainable road racing.
Published 06/07/21
An exploration of comedy and running.
Published 05/24/21
An exploration of the extra load that underrepresented races and genders can carry while logging their daily mileage, specifically through the lens of two Asian-American runners.
Published 05/03/21
An exploration of understanding the environmental impact of the running footwear industry - what sustainability looks like now and what we hope for it to be in the future.
Published 04/19/21
An exploration of trans and non-binary inclusion in running, and how unexpectedly, the sport of trail running is leading the way in creating policies and practices to make runners feel welcome, safe, and seen at their races.
Published 04/05/21
It's never been more clear how disconnected we are with ourselves. An exploration of using running as a means to more deeply understand oneself, how spirituality, introspection, and social justice intersect. First, Shaun Martin shares how the Navajo have used running as a form of prayer for years. Second, the intersection of spirituality, introspection, and social justice with Dr. Simran Jeet Singh. Third, how to use running as a form of inner connectedness. Finally, Tianna Bartoletta leads a...
Published 03/22/21
An exploration of running coaches through experience, education, and tenure - how a male-dominated industry can be toxic to the development of female athletes. First, through the storytelling of Rebecca Mehra. Second, a discussion with Porscha DobsonĀ on how female coaching is paramount for the success and health of female athletes. Third, a breakdown and call to action on how the listener can take immediate next steps. Last, Alexi Pappas reads an excerpt from her new book Bravey.
Published 03/08/21
An exploration of "The List," a record of approximately twenty Black female marathoners born in the US who have broken three hours in the marathon. Knox Robinson and Tina Muir find out why that is, and discuss what steps can be taken to help it grow.
Published 02/22/21
Join running industry voices Tina Muir and Knox Robinson on a mission to explore running culture as a vehicle to realize its fullest potential. We want to understand what is happening and know what we can do to help uplift underrepresented genders, celebrate and include different cultures and backgrounds, and address the environmental impact of running. We will tell stories, consult with experts, and search for actionable ways that we can all be a part of the solution.
Published 01/30/21
Published 01/30/21