Episode #284: The Seasons of Running
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On this show, I talk a lot about the mechanics of training and the X's and O's of each period in training. In many ways, that's the easy part. It's the what-to-do in training part including the workouts and long runs and miles per week. How to do it is a little harder, however. In this episode, I breakdown the seasons of a training cycle and talk about how to approach each one in terms of your mental approach and preparation. You will learn when to back off and be conservative and when to press the edge. You will learn when to refine each element in your race day gear and nutrition, as well as when to have your mental tool kit fully assembling (+ what that should include).  This episode is all about making sure you peak at the exact right time, and with fall races around the corner, it's the right time to be thinking about just that. In addition, please welcome Athletic Greens as a new partner to the show. To redeem the offer in this episode, go to athleticgreens.com/RUNNINGROGUE.
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