Rob Rinder
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RunPod is back – did you miss us? One guest who’s been on our wish list has finally made it to the RunPod run club. Now you might be surprised to hear he’s a running mega-fan as we are more used to hear him discuss justice rather than fitness but criminal barrister Judge Robert Rinder is a proud and passionate runner. Rob explains how running has completely changed his life forever: From over worked comfort eater to sub 3 hour marathoner - just wait till you hear his 5k time!!! - this is a journey you’ll definitely want to hear more about. Jenni and Rob discuss having a competitive edge, how being kind to yourself can go a long way, and the most famous judge on telly has his gavel at the ready and will declare you guilty if he thinks you're committing ‘crimes against running’. Are you? You’ll have to listen to find out!
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