Bridging Cultures & Building Brands: Marketing CEO Emily Chang Masters Both (Re-release)
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Emily Chang is a master bridge builder – and it’s made her a wildly successful leader in the US and in Asia. As the former CEO of McCann Worldgroup China, she bridged US and Chinese cultures to establish brands that are thriving, global, and remarkably agile. We’ll talk about the differences between the two markets, and how brands can succeed in the notoriously challenging Chinese market. We’ll also talk about another kind of bridge—between people—and how Emily literally opens her home to those in need and how that led her to the concept of social legacy, the topic of her bestselling book Spare Room. We’ll also talk about capacity and how to take control of your time – perhaps the most valuable commodity of all. There’s a lot to learn from this leader who, prior to McCann, was a top exec at Starbucks China, InterContinental Hotels Group China, Procter & Gamble, and Apple.  If you enjoyed this episode, you might also like these Redefiners episodes:  From Burnout to Performance: Creating a Culture of Resiliency  Unreasonable Hospitality: Will Guidara’s Recipe for Greatness  Thriving Through Adversity: How WTO’s Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is Solving Global Problems  From Server to COO: Kat Cole’s Journey to the Top 
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