RV News Brief | Record Crowds, Record Drought, Record Heat, Record Camping
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A year of records is well underway - record drought, record heat, record camping and RV travel, and the busiest year on record - by far - for the National Park Service. Lordstown and Camping World’s electric motorhome is on hold, and the Canadian border will remain closed for another month. It’s time for the latest in RV and camping news.
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Masks are going to be required in national parks again, even for vaccinated, people as the Delta variant of Covid 19 rips through the country. Wildfires continue their spread as well, pulling a blanket of smoke over much of North America. RV dealership chains are gobbling up independent dealers -...
Published 08/02/21
This week, we share some tips to save cash at the pump and some driving techniques to get your mpg up. Plus, a listener question about figuring out where to begin, and a tip for keeping your RV's screen door kid and K-9 safe. 
Published 07/29/21
A famous airstream is set for auction, Americans can travel to Canada again, GM is set to be the first to bring hands-free driving to towing, fires are forcing evacuations and closures across the west, sweltering heat is on its way AGAIN, and more. It’s time for the latest in RV and camping...
Published 07/24/21