The boys give their thoughts and opinions on both Sony’s ps5 showcase, price of the ps5 & overall excitement for the new consoles coming this November
Published 09/20/20
Godriel brings up his theory on Frank ocean dropping a new album, we all question the existence of the Travis Scott & McDonald’s collab and a brief talk on how we got into one piece
Published 09/05/20
We discussed this years freshman list, we also looked back on previous lists and compared them throughout the years
Published 08/15/20
Random shit yet again
Published 08/08/20
We talk about new releases and how we feel about things going on in the industry.
Published 07/25/20
We talked about whatever came to our minds and had some good jokes
Published 07/18/20
We talk about our experiences with ghosts in our lives and how we view them.
Published 07/11/20
We talk about our experiences with these issues and how we overcame them.
Published 07/04/20
Party time with Mario
Published 06/27/20
There is no clear topic in mind, this is just some insight into what a regular conversation with us is like.
Published 06/20/20
We talk about the PS5 and upcoming games that will be out
Published 06/13/20
We talked about the current state of the world and the prejudice black people go through.
Published 06/06/20
We talk about the anime shows, manga and movies that were delayed due to the virus, and what is to come in the future.
Published 05/30/20
We talk about our past and current relationships and our advice on them
Published 05/23/20
We talk about how 2020 has treated us so far, our goals for the year and aspirations.
Published 05/16/20
This is how Sadderday came to be
Published 05/09/20
A quick intro to explain the podcast to you guys. Looking forward to doing more in the future!
Published 05/02/20
Published 05/02/20