Enemies, karma, integrity, success - College of defence management hosts | Sadhguru
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In a conversation with the officers of College of Defence Management, Secunderabad, Sadhguru answers a range of questions related to Inner Engineering, karma, Adiyogi, importance of integrity for soldiers, doing the right things in adverse situations, and the key ingredients of success. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sadhgurustory/message
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Sadhguru explains how intimate physical contacts create runanubandha or large volumes of physical memory, which can lead to confusion on the level of the body. He then elucidates why monks in India wear clothes soaked in filtered soil. Sharing Sadhguru's wisdom to all More wisdom, join us in...
Published 05/07/22
Published 05/07/22
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Published 05/06/22