International Women's Day | Sal Vulcano & Chris Distefano: Hey Babe! | EP 118
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THURSDAYS ARE FOR THE BABES!!! It's International Women's Day and the babes are ready to PARTY! CHRIS IS PLAYING MSG IN SEPTEMBER BABES GET TIX!!! Sal and the Jokers are coming to your city! Support the sponsors to support the show code heybabe60 promo code heybabe NEW MERCH IS OUT NOW!! Follow The Show! Instagram - Twitter - Chris Distefano Instagram - Twitter - Website - Youtube - Sal Vulcano Instagram - Twitter - Website - Our Producer @TheHomelessPimp #Comedy #ChrisDistefano #SalVulcano #HeyBabe #Podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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THURSDAYS ARE FOR THE BABES!!! This week the babes are on the edge of their seats waiting for the Succession series finale!! What do you think is gonna happen? RIP Tina Turner! What happens when you die? What is the point of this life on Earth? SOUND OFF IN THE COMMENTS! Sal has hit the age where...
Published 05/25/23
THURSDAYS ARE FOR THE BABES!!! This week the babes are joined by Joe Gatto! The babes talk shoe shopping and the addiction of shopping sprees. Yolanda Vega went to Chris D's show over the weekend! Chris is recovering from eating 32k calories while on the road! WTF!!! Intermittent fasting is the...
Published 05/18/23