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Description Tim Clarke is a senior director at Salesforce and Marin Nelson is a regional vice president at Salesforce too. On this episode of the Sales Leadership Show Tim and Marin share who’s responsibility our teams mental health at work is and the best way to both approach this subject and help support our colleagues. We discuss: * Who’s responsibility it is to look after our teams mental health* “For myself as a leader, I have a responsibility to my team to lead vulnerably and authentically, to make it a safe space for them to also show up in the same way.” – Marin* Soberforce* “I would highly recommend check out Mental Health America’s a recent research. They said three in five employees are not receiving adequate support from their managers to help manage stress.” – Tim* How to talk about difficult issues without over stepping boundaries* Using emotion intelligence to work out when things aren’t quite right* Building your own personal board of directors* How to deepen the relationship you have with your team* “I read this McKinsey research last week, which talked about that 80% of employees report that there’s a mental health stigma in the workplace.” – Tim* Why you should lead with humanity Resources: * Tim on LinkedIn* Marin on LinkedIn* – A platform for community and mental health awareness Transcript: Will: Marin and Tim, welcome to the sales leadership show. Marin: Thanks for having us. Happy to be here. Will: Glad to have you both on. Okay, so we’re going to dive into a topic today that I will straight up say I don’t have much experience in, especially from a leadership perspective, and so I’m going to really lean on both of you guys to pull out some resources, how we deal with things, and what’s the appropriate way to respond to some of this stuff on this episode of the show. We’re going to look at mental health at work, and I’ll start things up by giving us, I guess, some data points to go on as opposed to us having more of a conversational approach to this. The TUC say, “Every two minutes, a UK worker is made ill through stress at work,” and they go on to say, “Research shows that our lack of managerial support is one of the most commonly cited factors in stress, anxiety and depression.” Will: With all that said, and we’ll start with you, yourself Marin, in here, do we have a responsibility to have conversations to impact our teams and to help support them if they may be facing some of these issues? Is it our responsibility to bring the conversation forward here? Marin: Yeah. It’s a big question to start with. I like that you’re just heavy hitter question right out of the gate. That’s one of the most thought provoking questions. I’d say, for myself as a leader, I feel, to my own self and my own values, a responsibility to my team to lead vulnerably and authentically myself, to make that a safe space for them to also show up in the same way. I don’t know that I have a legal obligation or, you know what I mean? I can speak for my own journey, and I think that that’s just what it comes down to is each individual has to answer for themselves,
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