How To Build Rapport in Sales: 4 Steps To Earn Trust Quickly
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Let’s say that on paper, you have everything you need to blow past your quota. Your pipeline’s packed to the brim with leads. Your product solves a legitimate buyer problem. Plus, everyone who gets on the phone with you is happy to chat. And yet, you’re still struggling to close. Even worse, your sales leads seem to be going cold the minute you start the conversation. So, what’s the problem? The problem is, you’re not building rapport before popping the closing question. And your monthly numbers (and your earning potential) are hurting because of it. This guide will help you build rapport the instant your leads jump on the phone. We’ll be looking at four simple steps you can start taking to up your rapport game today. We’ll also go over a few examples along the way so you can see the steps in action. What Is Rapport (And Why Does It Matter)? What does rapport mean in sales anyway? First and foremost, it means to trust—trust that you’re telling the truth. Trust that you’re listening to your customer’s needs. And trust that your product really will solve the buyer’s problems. For salespeople, building trust starts as a losing battle. Indeed, HubSpot Research found that 3% of buyers trust salespeople—just 3%! Source It’s clear, then, that salespeople like you have to work extra hard to build rapport. Because truth be told, you’re likely starting the conversation with someone who’s already skeptical of your motives. So, how can having a better rapport with your leads help you close more sales? * It Builds a Long-Term Relationship: The purchasing process for B2B buyers can be exceedingly long. B2B sellers report that it’s taking longer to close sales than a year earlier (35.52% longer, in fact). The strength of your relationship (determined by your rapport) is the anchor that keeps those leads from drifting away over time. * It Opens the Door to Understanding the Buyer’s Needs: There is lots of corporate jargon in the B2B sales world. And cutting through the “synergy” speak to truly understand a potential customer’s needs can be challenging. Building rapport with your lead breaks down the jargon wall. The prospect can then talk honestly and frankly about what they’re looking for. * It Fuels Referrals: Referrals are a B2B salesperson’s best friend. Referrals are easier to close; they spend more per purchase and are more loyal than regular sales leads. Plus, 84% of B2B decision-makers start the buying process with a referral. The more rapport you have with your customers, the more likely they’ll be to throw referrals your way. How To Build Rapport in Sales: 4 Simple Steps Now that we’ve determined why building rapport in sales process is so important let’s dive into how to do it. There are four simple steps to build rapport with your potential buyers. 1. Find That Phatic Sweet Spot The term “phatic communication” describes a conversation that has a social function. Talking about the weather, asking about the buyer’s family,
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