Brainshark Violation Of Biometric Privacy? Revenue intelligence? | This Week In Sales
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On this week in sales we’ll be looking at; Brainshark (allegedly) being in violation of bio-metric privacy rights, revenue intelligence, salespeople being suck in the past and much more! News: Sales training software company charged with privacy breaches Tech firm Brainshark has been hit by proposed federal-class claims that the company is using artificial intelligence to analyze facial biometric data of sales employees and rating their sales presentation videos in violation of the biometric privacy rights of Illinois users. Complainant Lori Wilk claimed Thursday that Brainshark’s, used by more than 1,000 companies around the world, violates biometric privacy law by analyzing facial geometry in uploaded sales presentations to analyze and score facial expressions and emotions of the presenter without first obtaining informed consent from Illinois users.   Mediafly Launches Unique Revenue Intelligence Solution to Drive Deal Confidence Mediafly announced Revenue360, a new revenue intelligence solution that aggregates sales and content account activity and engagement data across the customer journey to help sales leaders accurately assess opportunity health, improve forecasting, and drive deal wins. Instead of relying on partial insights obtained during sales meetings, Revenue360 captures account activities and content engagement from the first interaction on the website to sales meetings to follow-up from sales reps to provide a holistic view of the deal pipeline and prescriptive nexts steps. “Many companies claim to have revenue intelligence capabilities, but their solutions provide users with only partial intelligence,” said Carson Conant, CEO and founder of Mediafly. “In a digital selling environment, sales organizations can no longer rely solely on what happened in the meeting to accurately gauge opportunity health. They also need to understand how buyers engage with content outside of live sales interactions. With the most robust content engagement analytics in the market, Mediafly is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap, offering revenue teams full visibility into insights derived from engagement – or lack thereof – with the content that is presented, shared and available online.”   Sales-tech SaaS startup GTM Buddy raises $2M led by Stellaris Venture Partners “Despite advances in underlying technologies, current sales enablement solutions fail to meet the needs of the users. They are mostly a user interface on top of a classical folder structure, with basic search and tracking capabilities. Like many other enterprise processes, we believe that this is a space ripe for disruption.” added Alok Goyal, Partner, Stellaris Venture Partners. “GTM Buddy leverages the latest advancements in technology, design and AI to deliver the right information to the sellers at the right time, information that is contextually relevant to the buyers; available within the tools that are used by them on a daily basis.” Sreedhar Peddineni, Co-founder and CEO of GTM Buddy
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