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With each new iPhone, self-driving car, and AI assistant that’s released, it’s clear that technology is advancing. And it’s advancing fast. In fact, Moore’s Law observes that the number of transistors (a.k.a. computing power) that can fit in a given space doubles every two years. But what does that mean for you, a B2B salesman? It means it’s time to get into tech sales. Technology sales can be a highly lucrative and surprisingly fulfilling role for the right candidate. And if you’re from a B2B background, you’ve already got the skill set needed to thrive. But what is tech sales exactly? What kind of earning potential does it offer? And is making the transition from your current position worth the trouble? This guide will take you through the answers to these questions and more. Inside, we’ll be looking at what a tech sales job entails, necessary skills, estimated salaries, career paths, and how to break into the industry. What Is Tech Sales?  Much like sales positions in other industries, tech sales is all about selling. But rather than cars and clothes, high-tech services and devices are the products. Most buyers will be businesses rather than individuals. As a result, B2B salespeople will be better acquainted with the unique sales process than B2C sales reps. Technology sales is also a broad term. And companies that employ professional tech sales reps can be as varied as having a few employees or hundreds. What’s attracting so many to the profession today is the lucrative pay and growing market. Industries You’ll Be Working In “Tech” refers to a wide range of products in the technology industry. Generally, though, tech sales professionals will be selling one or more of the following: * Services – Services are typically hosted on an external server and are accessed through the internet (think data management and cloud storage). * Software – Non-physical products like operating systems and applications fall into this category. * Hardware – This includes physical tech products like computers or communication systems. Snapshot of the Tech Sales Industry Sure, the pay is excellent, and there are countless advancement opportunities. But is transitioning to technology sales a good career choice? What about job security? Have a look at the statistics below to better understand why moving to tech sales is a great long-term move, too. * The global information technology industry is expected to reach $5 trillion in revenue by the end of 2021. * The U.S. Department of Labor estimates a 15% rise in tech employment from 2019 to 2022. * There is plenty of demand, with nearly 950,000 open tech sales jobs as of September 2021. Position Description So what exactly does a tech sales representative do, anyway? Below is just a glimpse of what a typical day looks like for a tech salesperson. * Learn About Their Products – Even the smallest of errors can tank a B2B deal. That’s why tech sales reps will need to study and understand their products like the back of their hand. * Follow Up With Sales Leads – Maintaining long-term relationships is vita...
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