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50% of salespeople are using LinkedIn to beat sales quota. Social selling is the new name of the game. In fact, 90% of C-level executives ignore cold calls altogether, especially since 84% prefer consulting social media before making purchasing decisions. As a result, cold calling to fill your pipeline is on its last legs. On the flip side, three-quarters of all sales representatives are not getting any social selling training, and you can see why I wrote this article. So how do you generate prospects using LinkedIn? And what should we avoid doing on the platform too? So let’s get into some LinkedIn prospecting tips. What is LinkedIn Prospecting? LinkedIn prospecting is the process of searching for, identifying, and connecting with LinkedIn users to convert them into new potential customers. Time and again, we have heard the maxim, “It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know.” That is true for prospecting on LinkedIn too. People choose to be on LinkedIn to make professional connections, and part of that hunt is being approachable too. This makes LinkedIn the perfect place to find and nurture new potential customers. But, approaching unsuspecting LinkedIn users and bombarding them with the features of your product won’t work. Instead, researching your prospects on LinkedIn and curating a message that resonates with their interests is a better way to start a conversation. With over 770 million users worldwide in 2021, it is no surprise that LinkedIn is a forerunner in connecting B2B buyers and sellers. But don’t let the vast numbers ease you out of your responsibilities. According to Forbes, the three golden rules to prospecting better are: * Have a clear message * Establish your credibility * Demonstrate your expertise Now lets see how we can implement these golden rules with 8 LinkedIn prospecting tips. The Dos and Don’ts of Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn Just like all industries, sales prospecting has its own best practices. So let’s go through what works (and doesn’t) when prospecting for new business on LinkedIn. Here are 8 tips when prospecting on LinkedIn. The Dos 1. Optimize your headline First impressions matter; there are no two ways about it. They are crucial for your success in sales. When using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, your profile is your first impression. And within your profile, your headline is what sells you. So, how (and why) do we go from this: To this: If you ignore the headline field, LinkedIn won’t leave it blank. Instead, the headline field will revert to your job title and corporation. While that’s not a sin, it does not help you stand out. Generating new sales leads means hooking potential customers, and a captivating headline will help you do just that. Next, pay attention to your audience. Who is it that you’re trying to reach? And what message would compel them to act? Another consideration? Don’t use technical jargon where your customer won’t resonate with it. Thirdly, make sure your USPs (unique selling points) are right there at the forefront. Do you provide a better-quality product than your competition? Then put it in your headline. Please keep it captivating but straightforward enough for your customers to learn about you before they respond to your messages. To sum it up, you have 120 characters to pitch your prospects. Use them wisely, intently, and resourcefully. 2.
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