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Remember when the thought of having sales conversations and collaborating from home made your stomach turn? How do you make a good sales pitch when you’re in your kitchen? What if everyone’s laptops stopped working? Would talking to a prospect through a screen feel weird? Well, virtual selling became a reality for sales reps when COVID-19 forced the selling workforce to go remote. But now, working from home is welcomed (perhaps even preferred). Case in point: * 63% of the sales leaders believe virtual sales meetings are equally or more effective than traditional, face-to-face meetings. * 75% of B2B customers prefer remote sales interactions over traditional face-to-face ones At first it was a necessity, now the virtual sales process seems like the best way to close deals. So if virtual selling is here to stay, what do we need to do to get better at it, fast? Read on as we cover virtual selling best practices and tactics to help you master the art of selling from home. What Is Virtual Selling Anyway? Virtual selling or remote selling is the process of interacting and converting a lead virtually instead of connecting in person. The most important part of the virtual selling process for B2B sales teams is “video. ” Video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype have adapted to the virtual sales world. They offer a more convenient way for sales reps to communicate, follow up, and sell without ever having to meet the prospect in person. At the same time, there’s more to virtual selling than using technology to make sales calls. It’s an opportunity for you to establish trust, build relationships, and convert your prospects into paying customers. Which Virtual Selling Skills Do You Need to Improve? Virtual selling skills aren’t different from that of in-person selling. Confidence, fast-thinking, empathy… the personality traits are the same. The difference is around the communication format. You need to practice and train with video to iron out any issues and familiarize yourself with this new way of selling. According to a study conducted by RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, buyers considered the following four factors when asked what has the most significant influence on their purchase decisions when interacting with sellers virtually? * Leading a thorough discovery of their concerns, wants, and needs (71%) * Explaining what’s possible on how to solve a problem (58%) * Listening (68%) * Making the ROI explicitly clear (66%) You’ll also find the following four skills helpful to simplify your virtual selling: * Establishing a professional brand by creating an optimized LinkedIn profile * Developing and nurturing a valuable online network * Practicing effective prospecting based on personas * Engaging with your target audience by liking, commenting, sharing, and serving as an expert resource While these skills may not come naturally to every sales rep, you can learn them. Of course,
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