Marc Polymeropoulos: Clarity in Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the CIA | SALT Talks #222
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Marc Polymeropoulos is a former CIA Senior Intelligence Service Officer and Author of Clarity in Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the CIA. Marc retired in June 2019 from the Senior Intelligence Service ranks at the CIA after a 26 year career in operational headquarters and field management assignments covering the Middle East, Europe, Eurasia, and Counter Terrorism. Marc Polymeropoulos has had to live with the consequences of decisions made under the most high-stress circumstances you can imagine as a senior intelligence officer in the CIA, retiring from his 26 years of service as one of the CIA’s most decorated field officers. Though your crisis situations may not entail international counter terrorism as Marc’s did, in our age of social media and a 24-hour news cycle, the consequences of mishandling a crisis can escalate quickly, leaving irreparable damage to a company’s reputation and bottom line in its wake. In Clarity in Crisis, Marc shares how true leaders need to lead in and through times of crisis and thrive under conditions of ambiguity, rather than message their way out or duck from hard decisions. Far from mere theory, Marc outlines the unique and specific mindset and strategies he himself practiced and honed throughout his remarkable career. ————————————————————————— For podcast transcripts and show notes, visit Watch this video on YouTube: Developed, created and produced by SALT Venture Group, LLC. Moderated by Anthony Scaramucci.
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