Bill Bratton: The Profession | SALT Talks #224
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Bill Bratton is the 38th & 42nd Police Commissioner of New York City. During a 46-year career in law enforcement, he instituted progressive change while leading six police departments, including seven years as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and two nonconsecutive terms as the Police Commissioner of the City of New York. He is the only person ever to lead the police agencies of America’s two largest cities. As the Executive Chairman of Risk Advisory, Commissioner Bratton advises clients on risk identification, prevention, and response. Teneo addresses five key areas: cyber risk management, counterterrorism, crisis anticipation, critical infrastructure, and health crisis advisory services. The Profession is both a searching examination of the path of policing over the past fifty years, for good and also for ill, and a master class in transformative leadership. Bill Bratton was never brought into a police department to maintain the status quo; wherever he went–from Boston in the ’80s to the New York Police Department in the ’90s to Los Angeles after the beating of Rodney King to New York again in the era of unchecked stop-and-frisk–root-and-branch reinvention was the order of the day and he met the challenge. There are few other positions on Earth in which life-and-death stakes combine with intense public scrutiny and turbulent political crosswinds as they do for the police chief of a major American city, even more so after counterterrorism entered the mix in the twenty-first century. Now more than ever, when the role of the police in society is under a microscope like never before, Bill Bratton’s authority on the subject of improving law enforcement is profoundly useful. A riveting combination of cop stories and community involvement, The Profession presents not only a fascinating and colorful life at the heights of law-enforcement leadership, but the vision for the future of American policing that we sorely need. ————————————————————————— For podcast transcripts and show notes, visit Watch this video on YouTube: Developed, created and produced by SALT Venture Group, LLC. Moderated by Anthony Scaramucci.
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