Pajama Podcast - Our Road Trip Adventure, Crypto, Diamond Hands, GameStop, AMC and some other stuff #028
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Podcasting in our jammies! Today we are recording this podcast from Carmel, CA. We're currently on a road trip up the west coast, making videos and recording our podcast along the way! In this episode we discuss a lot of things from our casual fashion, crypto, investment strategies, and my new knife.  --- Support this podcast:
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Since you've been gone.. we, us. It's us not you 😂 WE'VE been gone!!! Justine got a blood clot, she also had a birthday, Jenna left the country and more! --- Support this podcast:
Published 04/14/22
Published 04/14/22
Chatting about all the things that Apple announced in their first event in 2022!  --- Support this podcast:
Published 03/09/22