#2 – Training After 40, 50, 60 and Beyond
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Getting older doesn't mean giving up on your mountaineering, ultrarunning, and long-distance hiking dreams. But you may need to train differently than you did at 30. In this episode, I talk about how your body's need for rest increases with age and show you some simple ways to optimize your recovery. Under 40? You can also benefit from these tips, especially if you tend to overtrain. Resources Mentioned: Fast After 50 Book (aff. link)Lucy Bartholomew's IG postTraining Cycles podcast Holiday Survival Workshops and Breathwork SessionsClick here to view the calendar of events and register Life/Health Coaching With SarahTo schedule a coaching discovery call with Sarah, you can do any of the following: DM me on InstagramSchedule directly on my calendarEmail me through the contact form on my website
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Published 01/25/23