BONUS: The Arrival Fallacy
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Is there a part of you that believes that once you climb the mountain, you'll finally feel worthy? Or once you get the promotion at work, you'll finally feel secure? Or that you need to lose the weight in order to finally feel desirable? This common thought error, which is called the arrival fallacy, is shared by most humans. And it can real mess with our enjoyment of life — and even make it harder to achieve our goals. But don't worry. In today's bonus episode, I show you a simple process for recognizing and reversing this thought error. We'll also explore the juicy goodness that choosing to feel (worthy, etc.) right now can create in your life. Life/Health Coaching With SarahTo schedule a coaching discovery call with Sarah, you can do any of the following: DM me on InstagramSchedule directly on my calendarEmail me through the contact form on my website
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