#8 – Extreme Resting
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Want to get more out of your endurance training — not to mention your relationships, job, and life? Friend, you gotta rest more. And that starts with thinking differently about time, rest, and productivity. In this episode, we'll challenge common thoughts that get in the way of physical and mental rest. And we'll also look at some new beliefs to help you rest more so you can get more done. Or not. RESOURCES MENTIONED IG Post – You don't always have to be growingFree and low-cost breathwork MeetupIG – Feminist Time CoachPodcast – 15 Hour Work WeekLife/Health Coaching With SarahTo schedule a coaching discovery call with Sarah, you can do any of the following: DM me on InstagramSchedule directly on my calendarEmail me through the contact form on my website
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Hey friends, just a little life update on some mistakes I was making and how I'm fixing them. Enjoy! Resources Mentioned: Join my email list for random life updates and bonus tips
Published 03/16/23
Published 03/15/23
I don't know about you, but anytime someone talks to me about "goal setting," my skin starts to crawl. Probably because I've done a million goal setting exercises that were a waste of time. And also because some of my best results were NOT produced by a three year plan or SMART goals. So how do...
Published 03/15/23