#20 – Everyone Else Is Doing Too Much (Overfunctioning)
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What's overfunctioning? It's doing a ton of unnecessary crap that takes up space in your life.  It's making spreadsheet after spreadsheet of training plans when really all you need to do is get outside and move your body a lot. It's intermittent fasting and nutrient cycling when you fundamentally just need to eat high quality foods.  It's working hard to do the right things so people will like you — even when you have zero control over others' opinions.  It's following every rule of gentle/attachment parenting to the point you're exhausted — even though research shows all kids need is a "good enough" parent. And here's a secret: everyone's doing it! (Including me.) In this podcast, I share some examples of what overfunctioning looks like, how to stop comparing yourself to the overfunctioners of the world, and how to create more freedom and spaciousness in your life. Enjoy! Follow/Contact Sarah: Instagram EmailSign up for weekly love notes in your inboxFree Somatic Healing WorkshopRegistration is open for my new free workshop, Let's Heal Shit! Learn somatic and unconscious techniques to reprogram your brain so you can easily change memories, break habits, and release negative emotions. Click here  to register. Special OfferDownload a FREE meditative breathwork session for long COVID symptom relief — or any time you want to relax!
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