Book Club: The Endurance Diet
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How do the world's greatest endurance athletes eat? Sports journalist Matt Fitzgerald wanted to know. So he asked distance runners, triathletes, cyclists, and rowers from every continent to share their food diaries. The results were shockingly consistent. Endurance athletes at the Olympic and world championship levels share several simple, easy-to-follow nutrition practices. But do you know what's a bummer? Almost none of these are common in recreational athletes. Matt Fitzgerald wanted to change that, and I highly recommend his book The Endurance Diet for mountaineers, trekkers, trail runners, and athletes like you. And in this week's podcast episode, I'll share some of his key insights that you can start practicing today. Ready? Let's do this. Read Detailed Show Notes At: Mountain Fit Course: Facebook Group: Try Breathwork with Sarah:
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Published 03/29/23
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Published 03/22/23