How to Overcome Fears
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Does fear hold you back from your mountaineering dreams? Me too! But here's the thing. Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear. Learning how to manage fear and anxiety will supercharge your mountaineering life — and every part of your life. So in today's podcast episode, we're going to lean into fear. (Sound scary? It will be OK, I promise!) We'll talk about where fear comes from — and why it's actually a sign our brains are healthy and functioning correctly. Then I'll share a simple but super effective mind-management tool I use on every trip to keep fear in check. I've also taught this to clients, and we all agree it's magic. Finally, you'll learn how to use step-wise exposure to get more comfortable with heights, snow climbing, scrambling, and other scary mountain stuff. Ready? Let's do this! Read Detailed Show Notes At: Try breathwork free! Download a FREE guided breathwork sesson to help you heal faster after a tough workout:
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