[CYM 1.0] #72 – How to Train in the Off Season
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When you're at your fitness peak after a summer outdoors, the arrival of fall can provoke anxiety. You may be wondering ... NOW WHAT? Like all good things, the training season must come to an end. And a lot of athletes struggle with this. They fight like mad to hold on to gains that are not sustainable. They train all the time like they are about to climb a mountain — and end up physically and mentally burned out. Friend, that's not what I want for you! That's why this week's podcast is all about the off season. Why you need it. How to plan it. Where to focus your cardio and strength training. And how to make it fun. (This is actually one of the most important parts.) Learn how to rest so you can dive into next year's mountaineering season fresh and bursting with motivation. Ready? Let's do this! Read Detailed Show Notes At: https://missadventurepants.com/72 Try breathwork free! Download a FREE guided breathwork sesson to help you heal faster after a tough workout:https://bit.ly/3Cn99cB
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