You know that saying, do a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? We’re discussing all that, and more, on today’s episode. In our last episode of season one, we sit down with Gianni and Dervla, two incredible entrepreneurs with a passion for wellness, to talk about everything that brought them to this point today. We’re diving into diverse career paths, prioritising your passion and just how you can turn something you truly care about into a financially viable and stable...
Published 03/27/19
Published 03/27/19
Join us tomorrow for the Season Finale of Sassy Speak, Season 1. 'Passion To Profession' features Dervla Louli & Gianni Melwani. ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 03/26/19
What’s your go-to meal for when you have friends over? Have you graduated beyond mixing vodka and coke together and passing it off as a cocktail? Is your spice cupboard well stocked? To me, good answers to these are the true sign of adulting. Hosting in your home, especially when home sizes are… On the smaller end, to say the least, can be incredibly nervewracking. But lets face it, it’s not healthy for your wallet or body to be eating out everyday, even though we have these incredible...
Published 03/20/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 9 of Sassy Speaks. 'Entertaining In Your Hong Kong Home' features Victoria Chow & Matt Abergel. ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 03/19/19
If cash is king, is your credit card the queen or that dirty little secret you’re keeping on the side? We know that in Hong kong you need more than a dollar to get by, so that’s what today we’re sitting down with two exceptional women, Natalie and Saijal, to talk all things saving, spending and our personal favourite, spreadsheets. Featured Guests: Natalie Pringle (https://thenewsavvy.com/) - find her on Instagram @thenewsavvy Saijal Patel (www.saijelle.com) - find her on Instagram...
Published 03/13/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 8 of Sassy Speaks. 'Money Talks' features Natalie Pringle & Saijal Patel ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 03/12/19
East meets West. Home of dim sum. The gateway to China. We’ve heard it all before. But what is it really like to live here? Have you been up to the peak, taken the Star Ferry and watched the Light Show a million times? Hong Kong is more than a tourist attraction, people! Featured Guests: Nancy a.k.a. HK Jeh Jeh (facebook.com/hkmehmeh) - find her on Instagram @hkmehmeh Virginia Chan (https://www.humidwithachanceoffishballs.com/) - find her on Instagram @ilikefishballs Find extra show notes...
Published 03/06/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 7 of Sassy Speaks. 'The Hong Kong Experience' features Nancy (a.k.a HK Jeh Jeh) & Virginia Chan ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 03/05/19
Having a personal brand is becoming more and more important these days. Gone are the days where you can Tweet without consequence, so it’s even more valuable to have a control over your personal brand. But where do you even begin? And with the line blurring between what is firmly professional and what is firmly personal when it comes to your online presence, how do you avoid the pitfalls when curating your brand? This week, we’re sitting down with Jocelyn and Geneva, two branding powerhouses,...
Published 02/27/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 6 of Sassy Speaks. 'Build Your Brand' features Geneva Vanderzeil & Jocelyn Liipfert Lam ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 02/26/19
You guys, we need to band together to save the planet from a plastic filled doom. This is not news, we see call to arms for this topic all the time. But where do you even start? Today, we’ve brought in Sonalie and Tamsin, two powerhouses in the eco and sustainability scene in Hong Kong to talk about small things you can do today to lessen your contribution to climate change - all it takes is one step, and we’ve got a whole host of little green steps that can get you started. Featured...
Published 02/20/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 5 of Sassy Speaks. 'Little Green Steps' features Sonalie Figueras & Tamsin Thornburrow ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 02/19/19
(N.B: this episode contains discussions of sexually explicit topics and some explicit language). Who else is guilty of constantly complaining about the dating life in Hong Kong, because I know I sure am. I pity my friends, to be honest, who have to put up with me constantly whining about not meeting eligible men organically, and how the apps are just a cesspool of dirtbags. I had to understand if this was just a perception problem, or if we actually have an issue in Hong Kong when it comes...
Published 02/13/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 4 of Sassy Speaks. 'Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!' features Sara Tang & Valentina Tudose ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 02/12/19
So did anyone else have a hard time making friends when they first came out to Hong Kong? We don’t know about you, but we still find it incredibly difficult to get to know people beyond the superficial “so what brought you to Hong Kong?”. To make all our lives a little easier, we’ve brought in two of the most social people we know, Genna and Sarah from Highlight Asia and Girls of LKF, to give all of us their life hacks on just how you can go about making friends in our city. These girls are...
Published 01/30/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 3 of Sassy Speaks. 'How To Make Friends and Influence People' features the two founders of Highlight Asia: Genna Bennett Soh and Sarah Vee! ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 01/29/19
From constant promotion of skin lightening treatments to all the weight loss procedures advertised on the MTR, we are constantly surrounded by all kinds of toxic messaging in Hong Kong that makes us feel like nothing we ever do is enough. How can we cut through this and just own our true selves? This topic is incredibly close to our hearts, so in this episode we’re talking to two of our favourite candid and inspiring women, Bertha Chan and Ziggy Makant, who have been using their voice on...
Published 01/23/19
Join us tomorrow for Episode 2 of Sassy Speaks. 'Love Yourself' features two fabulous guests: Bertha Chan & Ziggy Makant! ------- A Create Productions Podcast
Published 01/22/19
It’s the start of a new year, and we’re feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to launch our brand new podcast! Today, on our very first episode, we’re sitting down with Coco and Mac to talk all about setting and smashing sustainable life goals, so you can start 2019 on the right foot. Hope you’ve got your notebooks at the ready, because this episode is full of things you can do right now to set yourself up for success this year. Featured Guests: Coco Chan ( www.voltagehk.com) - find her...
Published 01/16/19
After ten years as your guide for all things Hong Kong, Team Sassy has taken the leap into the brave new world of podcasting. Every week, we'll sit down with two awesome guests who are making waves in their field to have a candid conversation on the content that you, our listeners and readers, have said you wanted to hear more about. From revealing all the dating tips, to managing your personal finances, to all the hacks on starting your own business, we're not holding anything...
Published 01/15/19