No to War in Ukraine: Zero U.S. National Security Interests
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The U.S. has zero national security interests in Ukraine. This issue should be resolved by Ukraine, Russia, and Nato. Germany wants no part of a war with Russia. Biden and his administration are blundering the delicate Ukraine situation. Nations are evacuating citizens from Ukraine while telling the public to remain calm. Russia has not made difficult demands, but the Biden Administration fails to make diplomatic decisions. Interview with Scott McKay from the American Spectator. America is largely involved in Ukrainian corruption. A lot of foreign aid is illegitimate and is used for money laundering. The Bidens have had financial interests in Ukraine. Savage worries that this could be a repeat of WWI. Why have the democrats targeted Russia? Why are the democrats seeking war? What do tyrants do when they realize their house of cards is collapsing? They start a war. Tyrants use war and other fears to undermine our freedoms. Is Taiwan next? What does the average American do? Where are the republicans? McConnell and others have their own interests to protect. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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