Max Balegde Plays 'Say It or Shot It', BAD S*x Stories & Rudest TikToker Revealed?!
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TikTok star Max Balegde joins GKBarry for the first episode of Saving Grace! They play 'Say It or Shot It' and Max reveals getting into the car's of strange men after nights out... And of course, Grace herself spills the beans on some of her worst nights at the infamous Pryzm Nottingham. Max Balegde: Watch on YouTube: Follow on TikTok: Follow on Instagram: GKBarry on TikTok:
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The hosts of ShxtsGigs James & Fuhad are here to spill the tea. They don't hold back sharing most horrendous embarrassing stories, disgusting would you rather & walking in on their Dad with the DOG!  Head to and use code GRACE for 60% off your first box + 25%...
Published 03/15/23
Published 03/08/23
Joe & George Baggs are here to dish all the dirt about the Saving Grace Tour. They don't hold back spilling the tea on fans getting kicked out, Grace being trolled and George getting frisky on stage.  Get your first month for just £3.50 with code GRACE at This show...
Published 03/08/23