SoP 5 | The Superhero Therapist w/ Janina Scarlet, PhD
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Dr. Janina Scarlet may not be faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but she knows a thing or two about superheroes. Instead of x-ray vision or super speed, her superpowers include compassion, courage, and empathy.  Author of the upcoming book ‘Superhero Therapy’, due out in late 2016, Janina has worked with active duty military service members and civilians by using the power of stories, comics, and pop culture to help people navigate the stresses and strains of post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain conditions. She’s been interviewed by the HuffPost Live, spoken regularly at a number of comic/fantasy/sci-fi conventions, and contributed chapters to the Sterling Publishing PsychGeeks book series including The Walking Dead Psychology, Star Wars Psychology, Game of Thrones Psychology, and Star Trek Psychology. She describes herself as a psychologist, a scientist, an animal lover, and a full-time geek with a mission to “take over the world with geek culture and compassion”. You can find her on twitter @Shadowquill or visit her website: But all great superheroes have fantastic origin stories, right? Well, Janina is no exception. And like so many other incredible superhero stories, this one starts with a terrible radioactive accident… Whether you love the X-Men, you long to enlist with the Guardians of the Galaxy, or even if you just can’t figure out what’s a Doctor Who, you can be our hero by leaving us an honest rating and review on iTunes. For more amazing adventures, remember to subscribe to the podcast and visit us at or follow us on twitter @SchoolofPsych.
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