SoP 3 | How to survive your wedding w/ Jocelyn Charnas, PhD
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Jocelyn Charnas, PhD is New York’s “Wedding Doctor”, but it hasn’t always been bouquets and bridal gowns for her along the way. Jocelyn shares her journey on how she went from a reluctant bride ready to slap on her sneakers for a quick “I do” at City Hall for her own wedding to counseling couples through the stresses and strains of their big wedding day. Jocelyn runs a private practice in Manhattan and has been interviewed for the New York Times, Elle Magazine, Newsday, and The She’ll also share with us the unique way she earned the title “The Wedding Doctor” from New York Magazine in 2012. Not too worried about wedding stress? No problem, because this episode is about so much more than how to overcome stress for your wedding day. In today’s episode we’ll learn about: -How societal and cultural messages create pressures for wedding ceremonies that are bigger, better, and more lavish than ever. -One big secret that brides and grooms just aren’t talking about. -The peril and the pressure of big expectations for your big wedding day. -How to let go of perfection and embrace each other. You are cordially invited to join us for a very special celebration of love, life, and marital happiness on today’s episode of the School of Psych podcast! After the ceremony, make sure to subscribe to the podcast and sign up for our newsletter at to keep this party rolling!
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