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Welcome to the School of Psych psychology podcast, featuring insightful interviews and stories about psychology, culture, and relationships from amazing experts with great stories to tell and meaningful wisdom to share.   I'm your host, Jared DeFife, Ph.D., a therapist and personal storytelling consultant in Atlanta, GA. Every other week, I'll bring you episodes that are less about giving "5 simple tips for a great marriage" and more about people sharing deep and heartfelt stories like "what I learned about the psychology of fear from dangling off the ledge of 1,000 ft tall building" or "how I went from a reluctant bride to counseling couples as New York's 'Wedding Doctor'", and "how my journey to learn about unrequited love and romantic obsession began after becoming obsessed with someone who didn't love me back". Along the way, we'll learn about love, life, loss, fear, anger, joy, creativity, and happiness. Guests of the show have been featured in the New York Times Modern Love column, NPR, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health Magazine, New York Magazine and more. Authors, sociologists, psychologists, journalists, therapists, artists, and others will be asked to dig deep into their own personal passions, triumphs, heartbreaks, failures, and eureka moments to help us learn more about who we are, what we think, and how we relate. Remember to subscribe to the podcast to get new episodes delivered straight to your listening device and visit us over at for shownotes, updates, and more! Happy listening.
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Dr. Colleen Mullen knows that breaking free from a bad situation isn’t always smooth sailing. Scapegoated and physically abused in her childhood home, she had to find her own ways of solace and escape until striking out on her own at age 17. Find out how Colleen reached escape velocity with...
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