Scientology: Fair Game
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 This week we have a treat -- we talk with the creator of Operation Clambake, and one of the earliest non-scientologists to go head-to-head with scientology in the fledgling days of the internet.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Published 01/18/22
We bring back one of our favorites this week, the wonderful Stefani Hutchison. Stefani was never a scientologist, but has taken up the cudgel of exposing the lies of scientology on her excellent blog: Confront and Shatter. In this episode, we cover some of the sleuth work Stefani has done,...
Published 01/11/22
Leah and Mike start 2022 with one of our favorites -- more Listener Questions. We cover a wide scope of topics, from Fair Game campaign tactics to preserving Hubbard's "legacy" on stainless steel plates in titanium capsules in nuclear-bomb-proof vaults and the embarrassing "We Stand Tall" song...
Published 01/04/22