Who What Wear With Hillary Kerr: Journalist Lauren Sherman on Puck Media, Victoria’s Secret, and the State of Fashion Journalism
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You can rest assured that Lauren Sherman is always going to get the full story. The journalist and author of the popular Puck Media fashion newsletter, Line Sheet, has spent years crafting detailed, thoughtful stories about the business of fashion. The result? She is now one of the most trusted, respected voices in fashion journalism. From following the movements of designers to their next fashion house to familiarizing the public with the players of the biggest luxury goods conglomerates in the world, Lauren demystifies and investigates the fashion world in a fun and engaging way. She is also the co-author of an upcoming book about Victoria’s Secret titled, Selling Sexy: Victoria’s Secret and the Unraveling of an American Icon, and hosts a podcast called Fashion People. This week, Lauren joins us to discuss her reporting process and whether the time is still right for there to be a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
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