Published 09/12/21
Published 08/29/21
Published 08/16/21
*Spoiler - we never really do move on. Recorded before the covid-19 pandemic hit the West hard, but more relevant now than ever, Dougie and Mike examine what it means to accept the death of a loved one, as well as how to face up to your own mortality.
Published 04/14/20
Mindfulness - what's it all about? Turns out its about your brain. Dougie and Mike explore mindfulness, meditation, and the observable changes that they can bring about in the human body.
Published 03/30/20
...or: how to stay sane in the apocalypse! Mike and Dougie take apart their own neuroses and put their brains back together using buddhist principles and practical techniques.
Published 03/24/20
What goes around comes around... or does it? Mike and Dougie take a look at one of Buddhism's best-known ideas - the principle of Karma, and the Eightfold Path.
Published 03/16/20
Mike and Dougie explore the Four Noble Truths, what suffering is and how to avoid it (clue: we can't) and consider what we can do to start questioning the stories we tell ourselves. Can we be more flexible about how we perceive ourselves?LinksNice...
Published 03/09/20
Mike and Doug give you a taste of what's to come.
Published 03/03/20