Wim Hof // The Ice Man in collaboration with How Two Live
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I'm so excited to have something a little different for you this week - a JOINT podcast episode with Stef and Jess Dadon, the fashion entrepreneurs behind How Two Live, Founders of Twoobs and hosts of their own fabulous, How Two Live podcast. I've mentioned that one of the silver linings to come out of isolation this year is the new ways we've been finding to connect with each other and I was so stoked when these spectacular sisters reached out with the idea of hosting an episode together. As a solo host (for which there are so many perks which mostly include not making anyone else deal with my last minute antics for editing), I do miss out on the joys of banter with a co-host, so this was an absolute delight not least because the girls are total pros having hosted the likes of Meg Ryan, Erin Brockovich, Dita von Teese and so many more. Add to that the pleasure of a totally invigorating, energetic and overwhelmingly passionate guest like Wim Hof and you've got one of my most enjoyable chats to date. I'm so grateful to the girls for sharing this opportunity with me - you might have heard this quote in my episode with Harlan Coben a few weeks ago, nobody has to fail so I can succeed to which I added that success doesn't halve when you share it, it doubles. I'm a big believer in collaboration and I hope you enjoy the result as much as we did. If you haven't heard of Wim Hof and his eponymous breathing method that has taken the world by storm, Stef and Jess will give you a run down before we kick off - he is totally quirky but so much fun and an embodiment of seizing his yay. Like all people blazing a new and different trail, there are controversies around some areas of his work, but we focused on the practical, day to day takeaways of his method and on his incredible passion for controlling your happiness and health. He's so excited about what he does that he shouts most of it the whole way through, which I ADORED! Hope you find him as fascinating as we did. + Follow Wim Hof here + Follow How Two Live here + Announcements on Insta at @spoonful_of_sarah + Join our Facebook community here + Subscribe to not miss out on the next instalment of YAY!
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