Tosin from Payoneer drops by to give us a full account and a time line on what happened with the financial services stepping in on the Wirecard situation. Where they are now, and how things will change in the future. ...
Published 07/03/20
On part two of Seller Sessions 500 we bring in ranking masters Howard Thai, Dr Yev Marusenko, Ivelin Demirov and Paul Harvey. PPC Experts Brian Johnson, Lazar Zepinic, Destany Wishon , Ellis Whitehead and Brent Zahradnik. We also welcome back Meghla Bhardwaj, Cassandra Craven, Egle Raadik-Gonchev, Yael Cabilly, Shane Oglow, Jelena Nuhanovic, George Meressa, Amy Wees and Augustas Kligys. Today is gonna be epic once again... See you there! #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce...
Published 07/02/20
We have a very big line up for our half century birthday celebrations. We never thought about getting to 500, our goal was to always work with the best and put out the best content we can. Today, in rotation, we will be joined by Steve Simonson, Liran Hirschkorn, Brandon Young, Kevin King, Michele Venton, Tim Jordan, Norm Farrar, Izabela Hamilton, Jana Krekic, Joe Reichsfeld, Kian Golzari, Anne Ferris, Sharon Even, Kata & Athena Severi. #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce...
Published 07/01/20
Dr Ellis Whitehead returns to deliver a clinic on Advanced Level Amazon PPC Bid Management. We will look at complications in ad placement and the thresholds at which you win the auction, plus much more. Come by and get all your questions answered at the good doctor's surgery here on Seller Sessions Daily. #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce #amazondeals #amazonfbaseller #amazonprime #amazonfashion #entrepreneur #fbaseller #fba #amazonreviewer #amazonsellers #amazonfbatips...
Published 06/30/20
Today we are talking with Dr Emil Goliath about what we can fit into our daily routines to allow us to slow down at bed time and effectively bringing a shade of better sleep and lead a less stressful life.  In an entrepreneurs life, it can be hard to slow down and take a moment to realise how important sleep is to your success. #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce #amazondeals #amazonfbaseller #amazonprime #amazonfashion #entrepreneur #fbaseller #fba #amazonreviewer #amazonsellers...
Published 06/29/20
Today we talk about the landmark case that has helped Amazon Sellers and the negative stigma of price gauging applied by larger companies on smaller sellers and how to avoid it. Talking with Paul Rafelson and Steve Simonson.  #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce #amazondeals #amazonfbaseller #amazonprime #amazonfashion #entrepreneur #fbaseller #fba #amazonreviewer #amazonsellers #amazonfbatips #amazonreview #amazonbusiness #freebies #amazonfinds #ebayseller #sellingonamazon...
Published 06/26/20
Today we have some wonder speakers join us today to help us focus on your PPC strategies, campaigns and what not to do leading into the most profitable, and sometimes expensive part of the year that is Q4. So a big thanks to those who join is the session Mina Elias, Lazar Zepinić and Jelena Nuhanovic #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce #amazondeals #amazonfbaseller #amazonprime #amazonfashion #entrepreneur #fbaseller #fba #amazonreviewer #amazonsellers #amazonfbatips #amazonreview...
Published 06/25/20
Today Brandon Young, Joe Reichsfeld, Kata and Nick Eary join the conversation to discuss all things Q4; the lead up to Q4 and the adjustments the you may need to know about, to get ready in these times of Covid 19 and lockdown.    #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce #amazondeals #amazonfbaseller #amazonprime #amazonfashion #entrepreneur #fbaseller #fba #amazonreviewer #amazonsellers #amazonfbatips #amazonreview #amazonbusiness #freebies #amazonfinds #ebayseller #sellingonamazon...
Published 06/24/20
Hey Guys,  Today we are talking about the Canton Fair, the high's the low's and what was going on generally.  We also will be talking to Sharon Evan and Kian Golzari about how they are coping with the lockdown and what events they have been attending, comparing what they have delivered and how well. #AmazonFBAAlphas #Amazon #SellerSessions #CantonFair2020 #amazonseller #amazon #amazonfba #ecommerce #amazondeals #amazonfbaseller #amazonprime #amazonfashion #entrepreneur #fbaseller #fba...
Published 06/23/20
Today we have a treat for your mind and body. We talk to Dr Emil Goliath, Anne Ferris and Stephanie Khalikyar about how we can use our diet and nutrition to maximise our brain power and make it work for us. We have all had days where our brains are foggy and we feel sluggish; here we look how our diet can help us boost productivity and avoid brain fog, and look clearly upon our bright horizons.
Published 06/22/20
Again, we return with another dual cast with Steve Simonson from Awesomers.com. Amazon is the subject of two preliminary antitrust probes in California and Washington State. This is of course outside of what is going on in the EU. Join us as we dive in and take a look at the possible outcomes. Stay home, stay safe.
Published 06/19/20
Today we go behind the scenes of the life of Tim Jordan. He has been recently working with the team at Helium10 with Project X and now the host of the AM:PM podcast taking over from Manny Coats... Stay home, stay safe
Published 06/18/20
Check out today's show to see if the Canton Fair Online will be worth your time and effort. There will be no awards for the website or the experience using it. We welcome back Kian Golzari and Sharon Even to discuss the positives and negatives. Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/17/20
Ben Leonard recently exited his sports brand for 7 figures. He joins us to discuss why email is so powerful as a customer relationship tool and how he maximised segmentation, automation and targeting to generate 30% of his total (website) sales via this medium.
Published 06/16/20
On this Mindset Sunday episode, we join Stephanie Khalikyar , Anne Ferris,Egle Raadik-Gonchev, Jana Krekic and Liran Hirschkorn. Learn how to maximise your productivity through fasting and other hacks.
Published 06/15/20
In this dual cast, Steve Simonson and I talk about changes in people's behaviors as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. We all can see the changes in our own lives, but what do those changes look like across a wide range of demographics? Check out the data and charts as we walk through the data live on screen.
Published 06/12/20
Today we will be discussing who will be appearing at Seller Sessions Live in London. How we plan to manage the variables of Covid 19 and what to expect from all the events around the main conference. Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/11/20
Kian Golzari and Sharon Even are back as we discuss the latest issues with shipping and the effects it is having on the Amazon community. Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/10/20
Yael Cabilly returns alonside Michal Baumwald Oron to discuss how to keep your exit on track (not easy) and make sure your buyer is happy and confident with you through the process. Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/09/20
Ever thought about what damage we are doing to ourselves as Amazon sellers sitting in front of a computer 10-14 hours a day? Today we talk with super seller Ash Thompson and Liran Hirschkorn about tuning out, earthing, EMF's and much more. Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/08/20
Brandon Young, John Hefter, and Liran Hirschkorn all join and give their views on the current climate and what selling on Amazon will be like post-Covid 19. Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/06/20
Steve Simonson drops in today to talk about the Dunning-Kruger effect. The goal of today is to add context and ask better questions. This is especially true for Amazon Sellers when dealing with rogue Gurus, promising a lot and delivering very little. There will be no name-calling or GURU-BASHING, this is merely an opportunity to have information to hand when making a decision.   Stay home, stay safe!  
Published 06/05/20
AND WE ARE BACK...Anthony Lee, Zack Franklin & Joe Reichsfeld drop by on today's session to talk about various traffic sources that are working right now. Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/04/20
Sharon Even and Kian Golzari return once again but this time we talk timed negotiations, how to do them and when to execute.
Published 06/02/20
In this episode, we bring in Paul Harvey and Super Seller Ash Thompson. The three of us has something we have in common, which is part of our everyday life, we cannot control it, but do have to manage it. Check in to find out what that is... Stay home, stay safe!
Published 06/01/20