Sourcing From Vietnam For Amazon Sellers
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Today we bring in sourcing expert Jim Kennemer.In 2014 he recognized the opportunity of Vietnam as a sourcing destination and moved to Ho Chi Minh City. We take a look at how this compares to the might of China and what the benefits are... Stay Safe.
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Shane has been an Amazon seller since 2013 and was fortunate enough to realize early success by building his first brand to over 1 million in revenue in just over a year. His latest endeavour is that of co-owner of prREACH, a video and traditional press release distribution platform. In this...
Published 09/18/20
This is a new series based on sellers and brands that have made it to the summit of getting an exit, and taking legacy money off the table from the sale of their Amazon business. Joe built his business to 8m and has now returned with a new brand currently sitting at 2m. He will run us through...
Published 09/17/20
Today Dr Ellis Whitehead and I will be doing a demo of our new Free PPC Tool. This is aimed at new and growing sellers to help them optimise for the right Search Terms for their Campaigns. We know on a monthly basis, sellers spend hours on end deciding on which terms to use and get paralysed by...
Published 09/16/20