Let's Normalize Sex Toys For Men
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For decades, sex toys were largely marketed to women, with male sex toys really only starting to make an appearance in the last few years. Survey studies find that most adult men say they've never used a sex toy before (whereas most women have), and part of the reason for this is because male sex toys are more stigmatized. So let’s normalize sex toys for men! My guest today is Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, CEO of Sweet Tech, the Norwegian company that designed and developed the Handy™, a revolutionary high-tech sex toy aimed at taking masturbation to new heights. Some of the topics we explore include: Why are there so many more sex toys for women than they are for men? Why are male sex toys more stigmatized, and what holds men back from exploring them? How do sexual wellness companies navigate the taboos around male sex toys? What is The Handy, and how is it different from other strokers and masturbators? How can sex toys benefit men's intimate lives beyond enhancing pleasure? What's the future of male sex toys? How do we cultivate a more sex-positive society where fewer taboos exist around masturbation and sex toys? Want to get your hands on The Handy? Get 10% off your order by using my exclusive discount code (sexandpsych) Follow this link to learn more: https://link.thehandy.com/sexandpsych-1  Thank you to our sponsors! The Kinsey Institute's (kinseyinstitute.org) 75th anniversary is underway and you are invited to join in the celebration! Follow @kinseyinstitute on social media to learn more about upcoming events. Also, please consider a gift or donation to the Institute to support sex research and education. Click here to donate. *** Want to learn more about Sex and Psychology? Click here for previous articles or follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit to receive updates. You can also follow Dr. Lehmiller on YouTube and Instagram. Listen and stream all episodes on Apple, Spotify, Google, or Amazon. Subscribe to automatically receive new episodes and please rate and review the podcast! Credits: Precision Podcasting (Podcast editing) and Shutterstock/Florian (Music). Image created with Canva; photos used with permission of guest.
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