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Published 07/10/22
Published 07/10/22
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Published 06/28/22
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Published 06/20/22
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Published 06/13/22
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Published 06/05/22
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Published 05/29/22
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Published 05/22/22
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Published 05/15/22
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Published 05/08/22
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/letting-loose/ In this lesbian audio sex story, a middle-aged divorcee has her first queer experience with her beautiful, friendly neighbor. With her kids all grown and off at college, Claire tries to lean in a little to her new life as a middle-aged divorcée. As she adjusts to her new apartment, Claire finds herself crushing over her next-door neighbor, Johanna.
Published 04/30/22
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Published 04/24/22
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Published 04/17/22
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Published 04/10/22
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Published 04/03/22
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/quickie/ In this lesbian erotic audio sex story, a couple decides to have sexy, spontaneous quickie sex between meetings while they work from home.
Published 03/27/22
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Published 03/20/22
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Published 03/13/22
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Published 03/07/22
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Published 02/27/22
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Published 02/12/22
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Published 02/05/22
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Published 01/30/22
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Published 01/23/22