Cards Unveiled for Time Gazer & Space Juggler! - Shadowless Podcast EP#115
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Dani, Jordan and Nate discuss the latest in Pokemon news including cards from the upcoming Japanese set Time Gazer & Space Juggler! Which will most likely be apart of our May set.  We also talk about the new Juniper box releasing in May and so much more! 
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Dani, Nate and Jordan discuss the latest in Pokemon! And this week we talk about the soon to be released Scarlet & Violet Base Set (releasing this upcoming Friday, March 31st) and the next Pokemon Anime series titled "Pokemon Horizons: The Series!"  
Published 03/29/23
Nate and Jordan discuss the latest in Pokemon News! Including Scarlet & Violet TCG Pre-Releases starting up, Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite related news, more information of the next Japanese TCG set and more! 
Published 03/22/23