Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Center Stamped Promos?? - Shadowless Podcast EP#160
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Dani, Jordan and Nate discuss the latest in Pokemon, including Shiny Jirachi coming to Pokemon GO, new Scarlet and Violet cards in Japan and new products revealed including (for the first time ever) Pokemon Center Stamped promos inside of the Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Center exclusive ETB's! 
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Nate and Jordan discuss the latest in Pokemon News! Including Scarlet & Violet TCG Pre-Releases starting up, Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite related news, more information of the next Japanese TCG set and more! 
Published 03/22/23
Dani and Nate discuss the latest in Pokemon! And this week we talk about the UK Pokemon Center receiving exclusive Bear Walker Skateboards, Triplet Beat and more! With special guest Bear Walker himself returning once again to the Shadowless Podcast. 
Published 03/15/23